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About us

Established in 2020 MAJOR ACE RADIO the Internet Radio Station was made in the name and loving memory of UKG & GRIME Legend, MAJOR ACE

A project was born with love in the humble streets of London and Sussex, which aspires to unite people worldwide and connect with every walk of life.

Before MAJOR sadly passed away, he was working on creating a Radio station which he called ”A platform for the people. A voice for the people”. MAJOR ACE was known for treating everybody the same, with love and laughter irrespective of who you were in accordance to society.

From this, the essence of MAJOR ACE RADIO was born.

Here at MACE, we focus on having a diverse range of up-and-coming to experienced DJs/Presenters/Artists, giving everybody a chance to prove their skills and develop.

From Politics & Economics, to Sports & light-hearted Talk shows. From R&B and House, to Drum N Bass and more; MAJOR ACE RADIO aims to supply you with a wide choice of quality entertainment. 

We would like you to join our community, have your say and interact with the team. 

This is something new, something fresh and exciting, this is something you can be a part of from the beginning and watch it grow into something you helped build. 

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